Tay and Co: May 2016

Miss Remi the Frenchie

As many people have seen from my endless snaps & Instagram posts... we got a puppy! The newest Cohen addition is Remi the Frenchie. The cutest little thing I have ever seen. Jonathan actually surprised me with her at the end of March. She even had a little pink bow on her head! For a few weeks only one of her ears stood up (adorable) but since then they have both popped up! I really was worried that we might have to tape them to stand up.. that could have been embarrassing.

So far in the first month she's shown us that she has quite the personality. She loves major cuddle time when she isn't running around the apartment. Remi is also a pro at the side eye. French Bulldogs are known to be very social which has definitely held true with Miss. Remi. She will literally run up to anyone she sees to say hi. Quite the little charmer.

It has definitely been a whirlwind becoming a dog mom so quickly. We had to go out and buy all the supplies, complete with a pink rhinestone collar. She is so spoiled already...oops. In true dog mom fashion of course Miss Remi needed a monthly subscription box! Kai Krates is an affordable dog subscription box that is priced as low as $15/month. Kai Krates comes with 2-3 toys and 2-4 chews each month. I think the best part about a monthly subscription box is that you almost forget about it until it arrives. You don't even have to worry about replacing treats and toys because they are literally delivered to you each month.

Miss Remi has a coupon code for you to get 25% off your first month with the code: "REMI". I can't wait to get Remi signed up for these so she can start receiving her monthly boxes!

So far I've learned being a dog mom is exhausting! I mean obviously she isn't a child but it really feels like it. I think the first week we had her I literally didn't sleep. But now we have her on more of a schedule and she is sleeping through the night! #prouddogmom

If anything I guess we are learning to be more responsible? Probably necessary.. but it is definitely super fun having a bestie by my side all day. 

Make sure to follow Remi's adventures on her Instagram account @missremithefrenchie !