Tay and Co: September 2018

Style Collective & Meeting Boss Babes

I can't believe it's almost been 4 years since I've moved to Pittsburgh! When I moved here after college it was definitely a challenge to meet friends outside of work and Jonathan's friend group. But, this past year I started to get involved in blogging groups and events around Pittsburgh to meet incredible women! I wanted reflect on my experience and let you guys know how I did it! 

About a year ago I went to drinks with Jen from Chic and Cheap lifestyles and I was so excited to start meeting people who shared my same interest in fashion and blogging! I remember we talked about Style Collective and how I was a member. I had just joined and was still learning about the network, but I loved being able chat about it with another local blogger! I think shortly after drinks Jen signed up too! 

Jen added me into the Style Collective Pittsburgh group chat and from there I attended one of my first events! Christina from Style by Christina who is a Regional Leader for SC, planned an event last December at Lex and Lynne for all of the local Pittsburgh members of SC. We started with introductions and meeting all of the bloggers there. It was cool to hear all the different reasons behind why they starting blogging. Some very similar to why I started! I also loved getting the opportunity to network with women that had similar interests and make some new friends! 

Not only do you get to make new friendships through Style Collective, but I also love supporting local small businesses through it! One of our other events this summer was at Vintage Grace Boutique where we could shop and chat! The cool part about going to different SC events is that I usually meet at least a few new people I didn't know before, and then I will see them again at other blog events around the city! It's all about building those relationships which is what Style Collective was made to do. 

I've made genuine connections through this group and it's only enhanced my experience as a blogger.  Now instead of just being virtual friends with bloggers, I've been able to meet real people in my city who do it too! The Style Collective site has so many other resources as well like a brand directory, media kit templates and so much more. I've used the brand directory to reach out to different businesses for collaborations! Last fall I was connected to The Royal Bee through the brand directory and I did a collaboration with them for Small Business Saturday! So not only have I made connections with bloggers but businesses as well. 

Style Collective also has a yearly conference which I hope to attend one day! It's super easy to sign up for Style Collective - just click here! They have an annual subscription for $120 and it is well worth it!  If you are a blogger and looking to make more out of your experience I definitely recommend signing up! I can't wait to see what this next year brings for our local Pittsburgh Group!