Tay and Co: August 2016

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was everything I would've ever wanted and more! My little sister Logan & Mom hosted it for me. It was held a beautiful building called the All Life Center in Delaware, OH. For my outfit I definitely wanted to incorporate white because I was the bride, but I wanted to wear something fun as well. When Jonathan & I went to Philly in February I picked up a colorful Lilly Pulitzer skirt that I ended up wearing with a white blouse & booties!

Before the shower began Jonathan sent over a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a card that said "Looking forward to June 18th". It was so thoughtful of him! As guests arrived there was a choice of champagne, mimosas or a cucumber watermelon lemonade vodka drink. They could also take a moment to write down date night ideas on little flowered sticks & sign their names on little "C" decorations.

Once everyone had arrived we started with a bridal shower game. The game was called How Well Do you know the Bride? Before the shower I had to answer a series of questions about myself. Things like my favorite food, movie, how many kids I wanted etc. It was fun to see what all my friends guessed for each one. After the game we ate a catered lunch of salad, fruit, quesadillas & sandwiches.

We finished out the shower with gift opening which is always fun! Literally I probably registered for the entire Kate Spade kitchen collection at Macy's! I couldn't help it though, it's all so cute!! My mom got us 2 sets of our china to eat our first meal on as a married couple which I though was sweet. Jonathan & I are truly blessed to have so many people that care about us! We received some pretty amazing gifts.

Finally for dessert my sister & mom got monogrammed "C" cookies made! LITERALLY they could be a pin on Pinterest, that is how perfect they were! Guests each took a set of seeds when they were leaving that said "Plant these seeds and when they bloom, remember the love shared today by the bride & groom."

I had so much fun at my shower & I'm so thankful to everyone that could come spend the day with me! Thank you again to Logan & my mom for hosting! Love & miss you both!!

Engagement Dinner

Wow time truly flies! We had our engagement dinner back in April at the Le Mont in Pittsburgh. Jonathan's grandparents put on the party for us! It was so fun to get together with family and friends to celebrate. The view of Pittsburgh from the Le Mont is seriously so beautiful. It sits above the entire city.

How cute were the decorations my mother & sister in law made?! I love how they were Tay & Co themed. So perfect for the night since my new last name is Cohen. The centerpieces were Tiffany blue boxes with Tay & Co lettering on the sides. There were balloons attached to the top of each one. Literally adorable! And I got to keep a few which we have scattered around the apartment.

I wanted to be bright & cheerful so I wore a neon pink dress from Kate Spade. I think my favorite part about it was the bow on the back. It was the perfect party dress! The night started with cocktails which was a great way to catch up with everyone before dinner. After we all were seated a lot of the guests stood up to tell stories about the couple to be. It was so fun to hear encouragement from all the people we love the most! Dinner was AMAZING! I've been to the Le Mont before for other dinner parties Jonathan's family has put on and the food is always so good. I usually get the fillet and mashed potatoes.  

A bunch of our friends came to our apartment afterwards to finish the night out at the bars in Shadyside! Overall the night was perfect! We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. I loved all the pictures we took that night too. Everyone had a great time!

I'm so glad I was finally able to get the pictures & recap of our Engagement dinner up! The next wedding event recap will be of the bridal shower. Get excited!! 

Finally a Mrs.

We are finally married! It's crazy to say that after a little over two years of being engaged, we are finally husband and wife. So obviously leading up to the wedding there were so many events that I didn't have a chance to post about. We had our engagement dinner, my bridal shower, bachelorette party and then the BIG day! After the wedding we also spent our honeymoon in Antigua.

So I figured I will do some catching up with each event leading up to the wedding these next few weeks. Now that I finally have a chance to breath I really want to focus on creating more content! Starting with wedding adventures and of course sharing millions of photos.

Did anyone else feel a little relieved after they got married?! I literally feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders and now I need a hobby! Get excited for all the details!