Tay and Co: Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was everything I would've ever wanted and more! My little sister Logan & Mom hosted it for me. It was held a beautiful building called the All Life Center in Delaware, OH. For my outfit I definitely wanted to incorporate white because I was the bride, but I wanted to wear something fun as well. When Jonathan & I went to Philly in February I picked up a colorful Lilly Pulitzer skirt that I ended up wearing with a white blouse & booties!

Before the shower began Jonathan sent over a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a card that said "Looking forward to June 18th". It was so thoughtful of him! As guests arrived there was a choice of champagne, mimosas or a cucumber watermelon lemonade vodka drink. They could also take a moment to write down date night ideas on little flowered sticks & sign their names on little "C" decorations.

Once everyone had arrived we started with a bridal shower game. The game was called How Well Do you know the Bride? Before the shower I had to answer a series of questions about myself. Things like my favorite food, movie, how many kids I wanted etc. It was fun to see what all my friends guessed for each one. After the game we ate a catered lunch of salad, fruit, quesadillas & sandwiches.

We finished out the shower with gift opening which is always fun! Literally I probably registered for the entire Kate Spade kitchen collection at Macy's! I couldn't help it though, it's all so cute!! My mom got us 2 sets of our china to eat our first meal on as a married couple which I though was sweet. Jonathan & I are truly blessed to have so many people that care about us! We received some pretty amazing gifts.

Finally for dessert my sister & mom got monogrammed "C" cookies made! LITERALLY they could be a pin on Pinterest, that is how perfect they were! Guests each took a set of seeds when they were leaving that said "Plant these seeds and when they bloom, remember the love shared today by the bride & groom."

I had so much fun at my shower & I'm so thankful to everyone that could come spend the day with me! Thank you again to Logan & my mom for hosting! Love & miss you both!!

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