Tay and Co: April 2015

Pink Sunday Experience

So for the past few days I have been obsessed with the hashtag #LillyforTarget. The mix of tweets and Instagram posts are insane! From a marketing perspective it was genius. Did anyone else notice that Lilly released their summer line on Monday, the day after their Lilly for Target launch? They got the buzz they needed right? I mean I guarantee a person not in their regular customer group was more likely to go to their site to check out "real Lilly" after the shopping frenzy that occurred on Sunday!

My Sunday went a little like this... in the early AM hours I was on the Target website endlessly refreshing. They announced the line would release between midnight and 2am. Around 1:30 I was still up so I decided why not? Can't hurt to wait 30 minutes. At 2am, they announced that it would be another hour before the site was up. By 3:30am I was able to start adding items to my cart. But after 15 minutes of trying to check out it wasn't working so I decided to cut my losses and get some sleep.

By 7am I was up rushing around to get over to Target. I figured at 7:30 I would drive by to see if there was a line. I honestly thought there wouldn't be one and that I was being crazy about the whole thing! Well, there was a line formed at the door so I quickly jumped out of my car and got into the group. I was talking to the girl behind me and we were both shocked at the line at this particular Target. I mean I knew people that I was friends with liked Lilly, but I didn't realize it was such a huge deal in Pittsburgh too. Or everywhere for that matter. My new Lilly friend and I made a deal that if either of us saw the coffee mugs first to snag them for each other.

At 8am people started to rush inside. I honestly think I was in shock. I wasn't expecting it to be such a mad dash. By the time I got to the rack most of the shifts were already off the hangers.. so I grabbed what I could in my size and made a run for the home section. I got to that section before the big group, so I instantly grabbed the mugs and pineapple dish. I also snagged a pillow and tote bag. At this point everything was flying off the shelves.

I literally checked out and was back at my apartment by 8:15am! The whole experience was actually kinda fun! I definitely was one of the lucky ones!!

If you don't follow me already check out the pictures I posted on Instagram (@Tay.andCo) of my purchases!

What did you manage to snag on Sunday? 

Lilly for Target

Eek tomorrow is the Lilly for Target launch! I may or may not be planning to door storm Target at 8am.. I've already made a list of my must haves. Below are some of my top picks!

Lilly for Target

For the clothing I obviously love the classic shift dresses. The prints are so fun and exclusive to the Target collection! I'm also excited about how reasonable all the prices are, I mean that printed bag is only $15.00. Perfect for summer days at the beach or pool. The pink swim suit is so adorable, plus the bottoms are high waisted.

Lilly at Home

Some of my all time favorites include the home items! I mean I think every girl could use a Lilly pillow, am I right?! The stackable coffee cups would look so perfect next to a Keurig. I definitely think it would make any Monday morning a little brighter! Check out this post to read more tips about the launch. Some of the items are online only so plan accordingly!

What are your favorites? 
Get some sleep ladies... big SHOPPING day tomorrow! 

The Green Skirt

Happy Easter everyone! I was very blessed to be able to spend the weekend in Richmond, VA with my family. I love all of the fun springtime outfits people wear on Easter Sunday. They are so bright and colorful!

I chose to wear a kelly green skirt from eShakti a customized clothing company! eShakti allows the customer to choose a design and customize the dimensions to your height. When I selected this skirt I was able to decide if I wanted it above, right at, or below my knees. I love that I got a custom piece without the huge price tag.

I picked a piece that I thought was very unique and different than the clothes in my closet. It definitely makes a statement for spring! My favorite part is the white detailing on the bow and that it has pockets!


Definitely check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to get inspired! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!