Tay and Co: The Green Skirt

The Green Skirt

Happy Easter everyone! I was very blessed to be able to spend the weekend in Richmond, VA with my family. I love all of the fun springtime outfits people wear on Easter Sunday. They are so bright and colorful!

I chose to wear a kelly green skirt from eShakti a customized clothing company! eShakti allows the customer to choose a design and customize the dimensions to your height. When I selected this skirt I was able to decide if I wanted it above, right at, or below my knees. I love that I got a custom piece without the huge price tag.

I picked a piece that I thought was very unique and different than the clothes in my closet. It definitely makes a statement for spring! My favorite part is the white detailing on the bow and that it has pockets!


Definitely check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to get inspired! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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