Tay and Co: Prep Obsessed Cozy Mystery Mailer

Prep Obsessed Cozy Mystery Mailer

Mystery Mailers make the perfect gift this holiday season! Especially the Cozy Mystery Mailer from Prep Obsessed! Even if you bought it as a little treat for yourself. I mean, who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?!

The Cozy Mystery Mailer is only $59.99 but is over $140 in value. It comes with so many fun items to keep you super comfy cozy this winter. I received: a kimono from All for Color, thermal slipper socks, a signature graphic tee that said "Cozy Cozy", a coffee mug, teleties, and an eye mask! 

The kimono is one of my favorite items because I can pair it with a long sleeve top to wear to work, or it's perfect to throw on after work in my pjs. Slipper socks are an obvious win because I'll wear them around my apartment at night. They also have nice grips on the bottom so you aren't sliding all over the place! Graphic tees are great layering pieces to lounge in the winter time. This one is super soft too! The coffee mug says "I donut care", ideal for that Monday AM coffee. Teleties are those cool hair ties that don't leave creases in your hair! I don't know about you guys but I love rocking the messy bun when I'm at home cozied up on the couch. Finally, the eye mask has a glam design on the front, so Audrey Hepburn! But the best part is it comes with a gel insert which you can freeze for headaches.

Prep Obsessed has so many other great Mystery Mailers too! They usually come out with one every season. If the Cozy Mystery Mailer isn't for you check out the Casual Chic Mailer or the Classic Mailer. Definitely treat yourself to one with that holiday money or if you still need someone to buy for check it out! 

Thank you Prep Obsessed for opportunity to collaborate. All opinions are my own.

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