Tay and Co: Apartment Living

Apartment Living

February has been an exciting month so far because we finally found an apartment! We have been busy these past few weeks getting adjusted to the new space.

The part I was most excited about was decorating! I've been pinning for months to find perfect ideas for the new apartment. So far we have only decorated the bathroom. When I was at Target the weekend before we moved in I saw these bright yellow towels that I fell in love with! I decorated the bathroom around them. Obviously I love nautical and all things anchored, so the navy striped shower curtain completed the look.


Hopefully we can get the rest of the apartment together soon. In the living room I really want to do a gallery wall inspired by the pictures below.  I found a really cute "and sign" canvas at Marshall's that we can start to build around. I also want to get some really fun throw pillows for the couch!

Happy Weekend! 


  1. FInding an apartment is like the biggest relief in the world! And finally being all moved in is like the best feeling in the world haha. When my old apartment lease was nearing an end, my boyfriend and I were freaking out because we weren't having any luck with finding one we really liked. But we found one just in time! :) Have fun at your new place! <3


  2. Yes it definitely is a huge relief! Thank you so much for checking out my blog :) I love your posts!

  3. I have those exact pictures in my gallery that I'm building my living room around!!! I want it to be bright, colorful, and full of life! Love this Tay!

    1. Ah! Love it Presh! You know how I love bright colors!!

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