Tay and Co: Diet Coke Diet

Diet Coke Diet

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Diet Coke. I am usually spotted with one in hand or multiple on my desk. I was even a Diet Coke for Halloween one year... (My Pinterest/TSM claim to fame) So I was beyond excited when Diet Coke commented on my #ShareACoke picture saying they wanted to send me something!

A few weeks later Jonathan texted me saying I got a shiny silver envelope in the mail. It came filled with stickers that allowed you to make any Diet Coke yours! So I had a little fun with it and made a Tay & Co one.

I know Coca-Cola did the #ShareACoke last year and it is a truly brilliant idea! I mean people will stand looking through piles of pop just to find their name. They are spending so much more time than they ever would on choosing a drink. Even when my sister and I went to the Taylor Swift concert in June they had a Diet Coke stand where you could take a picture with TSwift in the background. Genius. Obviously had to snap a photo with my three favorites: DC, TSwift and my little sis!

Hope everyone has a great weekend filled with lots of DC! 

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