Tay and Co: Getting Married Young

Getting Married Young

I read an article the other day that inspired me to write this post! It was about advice for a happy life.

The first piece of advice was Consider Marrying Young. 

I was actually pretty surprised that this was number one on the list but as I continued reading it made more sense. Marrying someone young means you are experiencing a lot of "firsts" with them. When I met Jonathan we were in college. So we graduated, got our first jobs and experienced post grad life together. Our relationship was built on all of these huge milestones.

You also do a lot of growing up together. I look back at pictures of when we first started dating and we seem like babies. It's crazy how quickly the four years of college went and how much growth happens in that time span. I'll never have to explain sorority functions, social events or all nighters at the library because he was there to experience all of them with me.

Meeting someone at such a young age also means a lot of our friends overlap. This makes me so excited for our wedding day because we get to share it with people who have invested in our relationship and seen it grow.

Marrying young means you are building your life with your person just a bit earlier. You realize that you may not be who you are today without them. I don't think it's bad to know what you want at a young age. It just means you get to share more of your life your other half! Marrying young to me is investing in a person not necessarily a lifestyle. We don't know where we will be in 10 years but we will figure it out together. Does that mean everyone should get married young? Of course not, it definitely is a personal choice and timing is everything.

We still have our whole lives to figure this whole marriage thing out, but I wouldn't want to figure it out with anyone else.

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