Tay and Co: Engagement Picture Prep

Engagement Picture Prep

For those of you that know me personally you know I am obsessed with taking pictures. I am and always will be that girl that stops a party to take a group photo. I take photos with each individual friend at the party. I also will shamelessly take "candids" for the gram. At least I admit it right?

Anyways I always knew engagement pictures would be the holy grail of my photo obsession. I've done countless Pinterest  research for poses, props and outfits. A few weekends ago Jonathan and I had our engagement photo shoot! I don't know if I went too all out but this is a list of things I did to prepare.

1. Nails- An obvious must for photos, plus you will have pictures of your ring close up.

2. Makeup Appointment- I wasn't sure if this was necessary but after thinking about it more definitely a must, I mean you have these pictures forever right?! I got my makeup done at Sephora and they did an amazing job!

3. Blowout- A must, hair has to be on point. I got mine blown out at my sister in law's salon Studio E! If you live in Pittsburgh definitely check it out!

4. Eyebrows- Also done @ Studio E!

5. Props- I made a few props for the shoot including my favorite quote from Sweet Home Alabama inspired by Pinterest.

6. Outfits- Obviously you want to coordinate with your Mr. so I decided to go for the preppy neutral fall look. We mixed in plaid, quilted vests, cowl neck sweaters & boots. A color pallet of tan, navy, brown and red!

Thank you so much Sarah for taking our photos!  Check out her website if you are looking for a professional photographer! I cannot wait to see how the rest of them turn out. Here is a preview of them so far:

Only 208 more days! 

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  1. These are just superb engagement Pictures. Thanks for sharing this charming couple’s photographs. I just loved her outfits. My sister has also bought a beautiful dress in pastel shade for her engagement. The party will be organized at an adorable local event space and I hope everything happens as per plans.