Tay and Co: Erin Art Design: Local Pittsburgh Artist

Erin Art Design: Local Pittsburgh Artist

When decorating any space I think artwork is the most important part! You can plan a whole room around one piece that really inspires you. I found a really talented local Pittsburgh artist, Erin, that does custom paintings to glam up any space. 

What really stands out to me is her use of color on each piece. I love how bright & vibrant they are! One of her specialties is creating custom abstract paintings for home decor. Customers can send a photo of their decor, or choose colors they really like, and Erin will create something unique to their space! Perfect if you are re-decorating or moving into a new home. Plus custom wall art is a fun conversation starter when people come over. 

I also LOVE that she does pet portraits. I mean we all know how beyond obsessed I am with my Frenchie, so why not hang them as a statement piece on your wall? Erin has a Frenchie too named Capone! 

The holidays are right around the corner, and how perfect would a custom painting be for your family or friends?! Definitely check out her work on Instagram, and if you are interested in a custom piece you can email her at: eliposky@yahoo.com. She is also launching a website really soon: erinartdesign.com. On her website you will be able to fill out an order form in the custom painting section! 

I hope you guys have a good relaxing weekend! 

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