Tay and Co: 5.29.14


Since this will mainly be a blog focused on wedding planning, I figured the perfect place to start was where it all began...our engagement!

Jonathan and I met our sophomore year of college and we were both involved in Greek Life. So when we happened to be in the same science lab class I asked him to be my partner since I had seen him at Greek events. And the rest was history! 

Junior year I became sweetheart of his fraternity and was lavaliered! Lavaliering in Greek Life is when you receive your boyfriend's fraternity letters on a necklace. It basically means you are in a pretty serious relationship if they give you their letters! 

Finally our senior year we graduated together from the College of Business this past May. Jonathan traveled for the next few weeks after graduation and got back to the states a few days before my 22nd Birthday. Since it was my birthday weekend, he planned a really nice dinner for us. At the end of the night he wanted to take a walk to our "spot." At school there was a little riverwalk where I was lavaliered, and we called it our spot. We used to go there a lot in college. So, after dinner we got to our spot and he proposed in the exact same place I was lavaliered! 

Right after he proposed! (you can tell I was crying) 

I loved how thoughtful the whole proposal was! He even quoted One Tree Hill, the episode that Lucas picks Peyton, "When all my dreams come true the one I want next to me is you." We took some pictures the day after so you could see where he proposed! 

It was definitely exciting to call our family and friends, everyone was so supportive and excited! I can't wait to really dig into the wedding planning. I know it will be so much fun! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

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